Ion Exchange

The Ion Exchange Resin, TRILITE®,
made by Samyang, used by the World

Samyang presents the full line-up of TRILITE ion exchange resins from water treatment up to specialty applications. Samyang develops Tailored resins optimized for customer needs and provides differentiated technical services such as on-site visit for troubleshooting, technical seminars, process diagnosis, and design consulting, etc

Ultrapure Water

Ultrapure Water refers to water in a pure state where ionic/non-ionic impurities are removed
from the water through advanced treatment processes.
As the electrical and electronic industries such as displays and semiconductors develop,
the “cleaning” process, which is a process that removes fine impurities, is becoming more precise,
and the quality of ultrapure water required is becoming more stringent.

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Power Plant

The ion exchange resin for power plants requires
high operating exchange capacity and physical-chemical strength.
TRILITE® has various references in global and international nuclear and
thermal power plants, contributing to our customers' competitive power
supply through stable quality control and on-time delivery.

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Chromatographic Separation

Chromatography resins can be used to
separate functional materials in various applications,
such as high-purity sugar separation, such as Fructose/Glucose
separation and sugar recovery from molasses, and acid purifications.

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Ion exchange resins are used as a catalyst for various chemical reactions and
convert the Batch operation into the Continuous operation.
Based on the high conversion rate of IERs, the yield of the final product can be maximized.

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Water Treatment

Ion exchange resins used in water treatment have a range of products that
can show optimal efficiency in water softeners/demineralization devices,
which are composed of various combinations. The high operational exchange
capacity and physical-chemical strength achieve a high performance economically.

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Ion exchange resins for food are used to extract additives such as sugar,
nucleic acids, starch sugar, and lysine, and the strict management of impurities and
foreign matter is required during production. They must also be treated as food grade
during import and export. In addition, food additive approval is required,
and for products targeted to Islamic countries, HALAL certification is necessary.

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Pharmaceutical & Bioprocess

Synthetic Adsorbents for pharmaceuticals, which do not have functional group,
have a wide surface area and pores that allow for the adsorption of various
organic materials through Vander Waals forces. They are used for decolorizing
various solutions, separating proteins, purifying/separating antibiotics,
and for refining pharmaceuticals.

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Hydrometallurgy & Wastewater

Used to remove, separate, and concentrate various metal ions,
selectively recover specific metal ions, or selectively and
economically remove heavy metals in wastewater treatment.

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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