We guide and assist with disposal methods of ion exchange resin that has fulfilled its role.

In line with Samyang's vision of being a company that fills up customers’ lives abundantly and conveniently, we are preparing for a sustainable future through the production and recycling of ion exchange resin, the only one in Korea.


Disposal method for general water treatment purpose or specific purposes (Heavy metal treatment, Waste catalysts, etc.)

Ion exchange resin should be disposed of in an appropriate manner depending on its usage for various purposes. After waste classification, final disposal is completed through incineration or landfilling.

For general water treatment purposes

Since it does not contain harmful substances, it can be disposed of as general waste.

For special purposes
(Heavy metal treatment, Waste catalyst etc.)

According to the Enforcement Regulations of the Waste Management Act, if hazardous substances are specified, they should be treated as designated waste, and if not, they should be treated as general waste.


Practicing recycling through a systematic process

Properly managed ion exchange resin waste is a valuable resource. Samyang Corporation provides a One-Stop Service from consultation/analysis to collection/delivery by establishing a systematic recycling facility.

  1. Consulting

  2. Removal and collection of waste ion exchange resin

  3. Analysis of recyclability

  4. Separation and regeneration of cation/anion

  5. Performance inspection and recycling

  • Design and technical advice on demineralization and special purification devices

  • Replacement of ion exchange resin (withdrawal, collection, disposal, replacement)

  • Inspection of existing equipment

  • Delivery of new and recycled products


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Posted on March 28, 2023

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