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TRILITE® has launched a new EDI (Electrodeionization) system, an eco-friendly water treatment facility, to provide total solutions to the global water treatment market

In 2022, TRILITE® entered the EDI market by signing an MOU with GEUMHWA WTS Co., Ltd. (formerly, Ecorbit Engineering Co., Ltd.) and is targeting the global premium water treatment market, such as ultrapure water and power plants, by utilizing Samyang's overseas network.

  • ion exchange resin
  • RO
  • Electrodeionizer


Producing ultrapure and demi water used in power plants and various industrial plants.


  • An eco-friendly facility with continuous production and no regeneration process

    EDI is an eco-friendly facility that does not discharge wastewater from regeneration chemicals and can ensure stable water quality through continuous operation without

  • Production of demi and ultrapure water by module

    It has a design structure that makes it easy to expand the processing capacity (5~18㎥/hr) and simple to replace and maintain, making it suitable for use in various fields such as in power plants, electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and food.

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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